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January 2, 2004

    Happy New Years! Happy 10th DOOM! Happy Holidays...

    I'd like to start your DOOM year off on a good note. Today I announce the release of "End Game". End Game is an 8 level wad set for DOOM2 by Erik Alm, Joe Pallai, Anthony Soto, Lee Szymanski, Jan Van der Veken, and Josh Zylstra. It's my final DOOM project. I hope you like it. Look for "endgame.zip" in the newstuff chronicles. Thanks to the map authors and Lee, Erik, and Fredrik for helping me playtest and compile it. I wanted to go out with a bang. I'd like to dedicate this to one of DOOM's finest: Doug Merrill. This one's for you Doug. Enjoy.

    I've updated the classic page with the links to Jan's classic 10 + classic 11. I also finally updated an incorrect download link to The Classic Episode that Jive pleaded with me to change. I'm an ass for that. Sorry. Since download sites are always changing I suggest if your looking for my maps the best way to search for the file is using DOOM Search or perhaps Google.

    With my official retirement from DOOM this page is now an archive. It will no longer be updated. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's contributed to this great game. I hope I've given you guys your share of DOOM fun. Thank You and Good Night. - - The Fish.

    Wads I've worked on:
    2002: A Doom Odyssey
    The Classic Episode
    Darkening Episode 2
    End Game
    Gothic Deathmatches 2
    TWC wadpacks
    Gallows 2